Molded Rubber and Silicone Products :
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Molded rubber products can be created in a variety of ways using various processes. Rubber Injection Molding, Rubber Transfer Molding and Rubber Compression Molding.

Image #2 Molded
   The first type, Rubber Injection Molding consists of materials being loaded into a “hopper” where they are heated to the appropriate melting temperature and injected into the mold. The two halves are held together, and the cavities are filled, and the mold is cooled in stages to a temperature that allows the material to solidify.
   The second is Rubber Transfer Molding and consists of rubber being placed into a portion of the mold and the mold is closed.Hydraulic pressure is then applied to the top plate and forces the heated material through a small hole into the cavity where it cures. When the mold is opened, the transfer pad is discarded and the parts removed from the lower plate.
Image #4 molded    The third is, Rubber Compression Molding, and consists of materials being placed directly into the mold. The mold is then closed and held under hydraulic pressure, the materials are cured, the mold is opened, and the part is removed. Image #4
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